Linda Fandel
The Governor's Special Assistant for Education

Draft recommendations on education due by Oct. 1

August 17, 2011

Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds will make draft recommendations for how to give all Iowa students a world-class education by Oct. 1.

The draft recommendations will focus on the three key areas addressed at the Iowa Education Summit in late July: (1) getting a great teacher in every classroom, a great principal in every building, and providing the support they need to do their jobs well; (2) raising academic standards and putting in place strong matching assessments; and (3) innovation that boosts learning.

After the draft recommendations are released, the governor and lt. governor will hold town-hall meetings around Iowa in October and probably November.

Final recommendations will be made before the beginning of the 2012 Legislature.

One question should shape all the discussions leading up to those final recommendations: How can Iowans give their children the best possible education?

Iowa has a great tradition of making education the top priority. Our state has many good schools, so it may be surprising that we slipped in the rankings on national tests from a top peformer in the 1990s toward the middle of the pack today. This happened because other states that adopted more ambitious improvements passed us by.

With a sense of common purpose – and urgency – Iowa can reclaim its first in the nation in education status and make sure our students are globally competitive.

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